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Helen, hospital manager at Lewisburg animal hospital

Hospital Manager

Helen is the hospital manager at Greenbrier Veterinary and has been with the practice for 16 years in many different roles. She is a 2003 graduate of Concord College. As manager, she is responsible for accounts payable, HR, marketing, OSHA compliance among a number of other responsibilities. She and her husband live in Williamsburg with their two children and their pets.



Annette at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Cathy has been with the practice for over 15 years performing her primary duties of cleaning. She has recently joined the CSR team to provide great client service to our customers. While she can frequently be seen greeting clients at the front desk, she continues to arrive at work bright and early before the clients in order to clean and ensure the hospital smells its best. She and her husband, Bill, reside in Williamsburg, along with their feline children.


Lisa at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Lisa is a familiar face at our front desk. She is a customer service rep at the Lewisburg location and occasionally travels to the Covington clinic on Tuesdays to cover when needed. In her spare time she feeds all the stray cats in three counties…and cares for her very large family of four legged fur babies. She lives in Frankford.


Lou Ella at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

A newer member to our team, Sydney, is a customer service rep as well as a vet assistant. She graduated from WVU with a degree in Health Psych but has discovered her love for the veterinary field and joy that comes from working with animals and has made a great addition to our team. She is Lewisburg resident and lives with her husband and their two corgi pups.


Whitney at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Whitney is new to the Greenbrier Veterinary team and joins us from Covington, VA. She is both a Customer Service Rep as well as training to be a Vet Assistant. She is so passionate about animals and the joy from working here is very evident when speaking to her. Whitney joins us with years of customer service experience as well as some vet assisting experience from her work with the Alleghancy Animal Shelter. She resides in Covington with her handsome Labrador Retriever “Clifford”.

Veterinary Assistants


Amanda at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Amanda is a student at Blue Ridge Community College in Virginia obtaining an Associates Degree in Applied Science For Veterinary Technology. She plans to graduate in the Spring of 2018. Amanda assists at our Covington location on Fridays and works all but one weekend a month in our Lewisburg location. She is very knowledgeable and looks forward to beginning her career as a Veterinary Technician. Amanda lives in Covington with her multiple ferrets and her dog.


Ashley H. at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Ashley is a vet assistant as well a customer service rep and travels to our Rainelle location on Wednesdays and our Marlinton location on Thursdays. Ashley began her career in the veterinary field years ago as a kennel assistant here at GVH and returned in recent years as a vet assistant. Just like the other team members, she possesses such a kind and compassionate personality that is so important to providing the best patient care possible. Ashley and partner, Courtney, live in Frankford with their furry babies.


Brittany at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Brittany is another part time vet assistant that works weekends. In her spare time she loves riding her horses. Brittany lives in Renick with her significant other, Travis, and her fur babies and horses.


Dawn at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Dawn is a part time assistant that works weekend rotations and Tuesday evenings. She loves working with animals and rescuing. Her husband, Jason and two sons reside in Lewisburg with a number of feline children.


Heather at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Heather is a Registered Veterinary Technician and a graduate of Blue Ridge Community College. She works at the Lewisburg location and travels to our Covington location to work on Tuesdays and Fridays. Heather really enjoys working in practice that she gets to put her knowledge to use and help provide outstanding medical care for companion animals. She and her husband, Matthew, reside in White Sulphur with their daughter and their fur baby.


Kelly at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Kelly is a vet assistant and the inventory manager for Greenbrier Veterinary. She has been with the practice the longest of all the current employees, 27 years. Her love and compassion for animals is so great and she ensures that all pets in our care receive the highest level of patient care. Kelly and her husband, Warren, their three children, dogs, cats, chickens, horses and cows reside in Williamsburg.


Tiffany at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Kelsey is the newest addition to the Greenbrier Veterinary family. She joins us from Talcott where she lives with her three dogs, one cat and horse. Kelsey is a Registered Vet Tech and graduated from Pier Pont Community and Technical in Fairmont in 2015.


Sandy at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Sandy is a long term employee as well and has been a Greenbrier Vet team member for 20 years. She originally came to the practice as a groomer and groomed for years but has made the transition to vet assistant in more recent years and travels to our Marlinton office on Thursday to assist there. Sandy has such a great work ethic and is so highly experienced in the field of animal care. She lives in White Sulphur with her husband, Donald.


Tiffany at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Tiffany is a part time vet assistant that helps out on the weekends. Tiffany lives on a farm in Hillsboro and breeds horses. She is notorious for rescuing cats and has a house full of them.

Kennel Staff


Amber at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Kennel Assistant


Stephanie at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Kennel Assistant


Heather at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Heather is our very energetic kennel head and supervisor. She arrives to work while most everyone else is sleeping to ensure that our guests and hospital patients are receiving the best care and attention that we so proudly deliver. Heather helps out in all areas of the hospital once her duties are performed and has been know to rescue a lot of homeless pets. She loves working with animals and it definitely shows through her work. She lives in Renick with her husband, children and her four-legged babies.


Rachel at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Kennel Assistant


Stephanie at Lewisburg Animal Clinic

Kennel Assistant